Lubricant Contamination Control
  • Proactive Lubrication for Equipment Reliability!


    Proactive Lube Manager is in the business of proactively managing the lubricant process to effectively eliminate lubricant contamination. We work with clients in their operating environments to improve the efficiency and reliability of equipment they rely on, by controlling the contamination of lubricants. 

    Our owner, Rod Raymond,CLS,MLT,OMA1 began in the oil analysis business over 35 years ago and is a Certified Lubricant Specialist (CLS). He has audited and designed contamination control lubrication equipment for the power generation, steel making, pulp and paper, refining, mining, manufacturing, construction, transportation and agricultural industries, for over twenty years.

Protect Your Assets

"Lubricant cleanliness is fundamental in protecting your equipment."

Have the Right tools for the Job!

"By using the best knowledge and having the right tools for the job, you can easily acquire a World Class Lubrication program."

The Levels of success


We take the time to evaluate your needs. Complete equipment audits are available. We can make suggestions on the next steps to attain your goals.


The equipment we can provide will get you to the right level of oil cleanliness from lubricant delivery to waste oil handling.

Training and support

Training is available to all of our clients, People are key to keeping a world class Lubrication Program. We offer ongoing support to every client going forward.